Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't sweat International Auditing Standards (IAS) in BEC...yet

I finally got caught up on my personal email last night and I found I had received another “alert" from a well know website (rhymes with "mother" plus the age of my grandma).  Don't get me wrong.  I love this aforementioned website for all the gouge one can glean, but this caught my eye having just finished BEC.

It headlines with “BEC goes International”  and adds the statement that IAS will be included with BEC starting in July.  I went on the AICPA website and I found it stated that IAS will be added as a reference  to the CSOs. (follow link at end of paragraph) Furthermore it states; “Please note that the technical content and weight allocations outlined in the CSOs will remain unchanged.”
It appears this is more-or-less a footnote change. (please correct me if you see otherwise).   This is interesting, as I just had this discussion about International Auditing Standards (IAS) and their inclusion in the exam, and when will it get harder....with a friend last night.   She was stressing about IAS… maybe this "alert" was the reason?

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