Thursday, February 23, 2012

2011 CPA exam scores,

And for 2012 going forward, they may not be better but at least you will find out sooner.

Where can you get up-to-date score release information as it happens?

There are three categories of states when it comes to releasing CPA Exam Scores: NASBA States, Indie States, and Snail Mail States.

Most state boards of accountancy outsource their score reporting function to NASBA. NASBA is quick, consistent, and reliable when it comes to releasing scores. Once the AICPA releases scores to NASBA, the Indie States, and the Snail Mail States, NASBA is very quick to upload candidates scores – oftentimes the same day.

Who are the NASBA States?

Here is the list and where you can find your scores at Note: Some NASBA States release scores with 24 hours of the AICPA CPA Exam Score Release. Those states are denoted with a “24″.

Alaska (24)

Alabama (24)


Colorado (24)

Connecticut (24)

Delaware (24)

Florida (24)

Georgia (24)

Hawaii (24)


Iowa (24)

Kansas (24)

Louisiana (24)

Maine (24)

Massachusetts (24)

Michigan (24)



Montana (24)


New Hampshire (24)

New Jersey (24)

New Mexico (24)

New York (24)

North Carolina (24)


Pennsylvania (24)

Puerto Rico

Rhode Island (24)

South Carolina (24)

Tennessee (24)

Utah (24)

Vermont (24)


West Virginia


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