Monday, April 16, 2012

CPA EXAM PERFORMANCE Q1 2012 - Behind the numbers

NASBA has provided some interesting cross-tabs on the 2012  Q1 CPA exam scores.  Here is a consolidation of some of the tidbits:
  • Majority of candidates in quarter one were first time exam takers.  Over 40,000 candidates sat for the CPA Exam for their very first time in Q1 of 2012.
  • The average score ranged from 71.9 in BEC to 68.9 in FAR
  • More people sat for AUD in January and February than any other section.
  • Almost half (49.5%) of first time exam takers passed.  This is pretty consistent with long term trends.
  • In spite of most States now requiring 150 for licensure, most candidates had their Bachelor’s Degree as opposed to a Master’s Degree or higher... in fact, only 14.3% had advanced degrees
  • The average age of the CPA Candidate was near 30 years old.

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